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Tips in Preventing Senior Adult Falls


According to, falls are common in older adults. It is also costly to recover from such accidents. It affects seniors ages 65 and older. But, this is a preventable accident and does not need to be a part of aging. Home care in Norristown, Pennsylvania has a team of professionals that can assist.

Falls do not and should not be treated as a natural occurrence in senior patients. You should check action plans that provide defense and support to patients. The carers who are trained for senior care in Pennsylvania will know what needs to be done. The suggestion of having a falls risk assessment may come up as the first thing to do.

You have to ask for a medical assessment with your physician for assistance. A home care agency can provide ample support to the lifestyle of the seniors. You should customize a care program for starters. Here are other steps to try:

  • Practice open communication in the family.
    Your family should be comfortable in stating what hurts them and what type of help they need.
  • Stay active in doing physical activities.
    Being physically ready is your first defense to falls.
  • Make your home safe.
    Light housekeeping can help in this step and provide safe spaces at home.

Pleasant Vine Home Care help in ensuring that you get a guaranteed effective care program for avoiding falls. They also cater services like medication reminders that are suited for the elderly.

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