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Severe Forgetfulness: Not a Normal Part of Aging


What separates ordinary forgetfulness from a serious memory issue? Although it’s normal to lose things as we age, serious memory problems make it difficult to do tasks like driving, using the phone, and locating your home. Age-related forgetfulness is common, but when does it warrant concern and medical attention?

The majority of elderly persons may worry about their mental and memory abilities. For instance, it can take people longer to remember a particularly significant event, handle their finances, or pick up new skills. But you shouldn’t worry too much about these. These alterations typically indicate minor amnesia, which is a natural aspect of aging.

To determine whether memory problems and other cognitive concerns are normal and what might be causing them, the National Institute on Aging advises consulting your doctor. Our senior care in Norristown, Pennsylvania, recommended that you keep an eye out for the following:

  • Asking the same queries time and time again
  • Becoming disoriented in a familiar setting
  • Having trouble following directions or recipes
  • Getting more and more lost in time, people, and places
  • Failing to take care of oneself to the extent that home care assistance is needed

We at Pleasant Vine Home Care, a reputable provider of home care assistance, promise that older persons can still maintain a good memory as they age. Monitoring your senior’s general health is something that our care staff can help with.

Simple tasks like practicing a new skill, adhering to a schedule, keeping a journal, interacting with others, and exercising are excellent ways to enhance both physical and mental health, all of which our home care in Pennsylvania is happy to support.

Please feel free to contact our home care agency at any time with questions concerning our caregivers or care services.

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