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Medication and Meal Management for Seniors


Memory loss is a condition many seniors experience as they grow older. Forgetfulness can be dangerous for seniors, especially when it comes to remembering vital things, like how to manage their meals and medications properly. If you have an elderly loved one suffering from memory loss, it is best to hire home care in Pennsylvania for 24-hour care.

At Pleasant Vine Home Care, one of the best providers of senior care in Norristown, Pennsylvania, we have a team of highly qualified home health aides and companion care providers who specialize in taking care of clients with memory problems. They can manage their clients’ medications by organizing their medicines and providing medication reminders.

Our caregivers ensure clients take their medications in the correct dosages and at the right time to prevent incidents of overdosing and underdosing. They also take care of meal planning and preparation by considering all the nutritionary requirements and prohibited foods, as instructed by the client’s doctors and nutritionists.

By hiring help from a trustworthy home care agency, you can rest easy knowing your elderly loved one is taking the correct medications and eating nutritious and delicious meals every day, despite experiencing memory loss. Call us today at 610-226-2121, so we can schedule an appointment and develop a personalized care program for your loved one.

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