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Managing Agitation in Seniors With Dementia


Dementia can significantly damage a person’s mental faculties. These changes frequently lead to families seeking home care in Pennsylvania.

Behavior is one of the most typical alterations. Many dementia patients become upset regularly. A home health aide will be able to handle this. However, if you find yourself in this situation with aging loved ones, here are some strategies for dealing with their agitation.

  • Reduce the amount of noise and turmoil in your home.

    Seniors can become confused if there is too much noise. Because they are unsure of what is going on, they may become agitated. Limit the number of individuals in the room where they are as much as feasible.

  • Reduce the loudness of the television or radio. Clear the clutter and keep their belongings organized.

    When your loved ones are agitated, never limit them.

    Instead, use a gentle touch and a soothing voice. Play relaxing music or encourage them to go for a short walk outside.

  • Serve items that will not increase their energy levels.

    These foods include those heavy in sugar and caffeine. Our senior care in Norristown, Pennsylvania, can assist you in determining which foods are healthy for your loved ones.

  • Make use of diversions.

    Make your loved ones forget the occurrence that upset them. Distract them with snacks or their favorite hobby. You can enlist the companionship of our care team to help you seniors rekindle their passion for old hobbies, such as playing musical instruments or baking.

As your trusted home care agency, we at Pleasant Vine Home Care understand the difficulties that seniors with dementia face. Please contact us if you require assistance in dealing with or caring for them.

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