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Importance of a Fall Evaluation for Seniors

Importance of a  Fall Evaluation for Seniors

A fall is an incident which can lead to a serious injury or even death and this is usually overlooked in seniors. Usually seniors who have had a fall and fractured their hip can’t gain back their previous independence level. Because of this, people who are at least 65 years old must have an assessment when they fall or complain of balance issues. Such assessment prevents another fall.

What to Expect from a Fall Evaluation

A senior who experienced a fall must be checked for orthostatic hypotension, a blood pressure change that occurs after a change in position, from lying or sitting to standing. The physician will ask about pain which limits mobility, determine balance issues, check for muscle weakness, and watch the patient while he walks to spot anything unusual. Medications that the patient takes are also evaluated.

Minimizing your Risk for Falls

  • Reducing medications. For this, the elimination of psychotropic medications can be quite useful.
  • Physical therapy evaluation. This is meant to determine issues with balance and strength which can be corrected using an individualized exercise regimen.
  • Cataract removal. This is especially essential for those who have had a fall.
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