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How to Perform Safe Medication Management


Senior loved ones who have an illness or chronic condition should take their medications as prescribed by their doctor. Their prescribed medications are crucial in treating temporary illnesses and controlling chronic conditions, which will help improve their quality of life and achieve optimal health.

If you are away from your senior loved one most of the time, it’s a good idea to consider hiring a caregiver who can assist them with administering their medications. On the other hand, if you are the primary caregiver and you are present all the time, you should know how to perform safe and proper medication management to ensure that they are taking their medications consistently, at the right time, and with the right dosage. Here are some of the most useful tips that you can follow for safe medication management:

  • If you have questions about your loved one’s medications, you can always consult with your pharmacist or review medications with your loved one’s doctor.
  • Research about side effects and possible drug interactions to prevent complications.
  • Be aware of some medications. There might be some medications that are not safe for senior adults.
  • Don’t self-medicate. Administer medications as prescribed by their doctor.
  • Store medications properly and organize them in a way that will be easier for you to access and remember.

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