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Effective Medication Reminders for Seniors


Failure to take medications regularly and at the specified time can be risky. In taking their daily prescriptions, our seniors may require the assistance and advice of caregivers or a home health aide. Fortunately, there are numerous ways our proven and trusted home care agency in Pennsylvania can assist your seniors in developing a medication regimen.

  • Making a Routine

    Allocating a period in our daily routine for taking our prescriptions will help us avoid forgetting. Making taking medications or supplements a regular part of your morning or bedtime routine will train your body to do so instinctively.

  • Using Pill Boxes

    This is especially useful if our loved ones must take many medicines throughout the day. However, instead of hiding the pillbox in a drawer, it is critical to keep it visible.

  • Keeping an Up-to-date Medicine List

    It is important to know exactly what medications your senior relative is taking to avoid dangerous drug interactions. That is why it is critical to have an updated record of their medications, vitamins, supplements, and OTC medications.

  • Planning Ahead for Medication Refills

    When it comes to long-term medications, it’s critical to receive refills on schedule so your senior doesn’t run out and miss doses. The most practical option is to have the doctor prescribe a 90-day supply that can be filled through a mail-order pharmacy.

Pleasant Vine Home Care is concerned about your health, which is why we can assist you with your meds through our senior care in Pennsylvania. Not only will our skilled professionals provide prompt medication reminders, but they will also provide companion care.

You can always rely on us to improve your quality of life and home care in Norristown, Pennsylvania!

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