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Caregivers and Medicine Management


Seniors take a lot of medicine—both prescribed and over the counter. One of the most critical roles of professionals in senior care in Pennsylvania is medication management. This means giving the right medicines, at the right dosages, and at the right time. It also means ensuring the medicines don’t cause adverse reactions when taken with other drugs, food, or alcohol.

When a home care agency hires a caregiver, they make sure new hires are meticulous in managing medicines. Best practices they observe include:

  • Using memory aides to help provide medication reminders, and keeping these updated
  • Taking notes regarding medicines to be taken during visits to the doctor
  • Consulting with the doctor before having seniors take over the counter medicines
  • Ensuring the right medicines are bought from the local pharmacist
  • Storing all medicines properly, away from heat, light, and young children

Now that you see how much work goes into doing just one aspect of a caregiver’s job. Thus, it is essential to get professional help and not leave medicine management up to a busy relative or the seniors themselves. There are so many ways to screw things up that it is not worth the risk.

If you are looking for an agency that hires caregivers skilled in medicine management when it comes to home care in Norristown, Pennsylvania, consult with Pleasant Vine Home Care. Call them today at 610-226-2121.

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