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Waiver Services

Home Health Aide in Norristown, Pennsylvania

Medicaid waiver services are ideal for elderly or disabled individuals who have been deemed eligible for institutionalization but have decided a different route is better. There is an option to delay or prevent institutionalization so these individuals can continue to stay at home or with their families, and this is something that Waiver Services are designed for.

woman assisting two elderly seniors

Pleasant Vine Home Care provides waiver services to any person who is eligible – eligibility is determined by a thorough assessment of needs. Through such programs, the individual can maintain a happy and fruitful life in the community. Waiver services aim to empower elderly people or disabled individuals to work hand in hand with their caregivers in maintaining wellness and independence. Under the waiver program, family members can get paid to be the caregivers for their loved ones. This type of service influences participation from patients and their family while they enjoy autonomy.

Pleasant Vine Home Care understands the need to be in a familiar environment while under long-term care. We want to preserve the way of life of our elderly and disabled loved ones while they are recuperating or managing their illness. We provide the best and most experienced caregivers to help families and individuals prioritize care and health needs.

We have the following waiver services available:


  • This service is focused on patients who went through TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury. Despite the disability and trauma caused by the injury, care services are provided so they can still enjoy life independently and safely as they learn to cope with their condition. The waiver service offers support, training, and self-care tips so that the individual can remain in his or her chosen living environment.

Aging Waiver

  • This is for individuals aged 60 years old and above. It allows them to age in their comfort zone which is mostly in their own homes.

Independence Waiver

  • If an adult has a severe physical disability which limits mobility, this waiver program addresses the person’s needs. It provides supportive care that prevents or delays institutionalization. It promotes their privacy, independence, and autonomy to make decisions about where to live and how to earn a living.

OBRA Waiver

  • This is intended for patients who have developmental disabilities that limit their capacity thus requiring assistance and intermittent care. Waiver services will provide individuals with options in living arrangements where they can maximize their self-care skills.

Act 150 Waiver

  • This waiver is similar to the Attendant Care Waiver. It is for an individual with disabilities to choose their preferred care provider. The individual will have to manage their own financial and legal affairs. This service is funded by ACT 150.